Flexible Monthly Payments!

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It can be frustrating to hear that you need a dental implant, a new crown, or a couple fillings and then wonder how you will be able to pay for those up front.  We have all been there!!  Whether in the dental office, medical office or auto repair shop we have all experienced that sinking feeling in the gut and wondered “How am I supposed to pay for that!?”

Well, we are excited about a new payment option for all of our patients!  It will allow you to split your payments into flexible monthly payments with as little as $1 down.   It is simple, quick, and no hidden fees.  And, there is no hard credit check before reviewing your payment options!  Other financing options would sometimes come with hidden fees or would advertise a 0% interest rate only to have that interest added to the principal once you happened to be late on one payment.  The options are simple and can be spread out into 6, 12, 18, or 24 month payments.  With each option, you will be able to see your down payment, your monthly payment, your interest rate, and the total finance charge!  We couldn’t ask for more transparency!

So if you are wondering how you will pay for your next dental visit, click on the Sunbit link and check it out!